Bone Scan

Nuclear scintigraphy or a “bone scan” involves injecting the horse with a radioactive compound labeled with a bone seeking agent.  The agent circulates through the blood and is taken up by the bone.  There is a normal distribution throughout the skeletal system, while an injury results in an increase in radiopharmaceutical uptake also known as a “hotspot”.  The horse stands in front of the gamma camera for imaging.  The radioactivity is very safe for the horse, but certain guidelines must be followed, such as limiting client visits on the day of the exam and keeping the horse overnight following the bone scan.  

Nuclear scintigraphy has two phases: a soft tissue phase, performed within 20 minutes after injection of the radiopharmaceutical, and a bone phase, done 2 hours after injection.  Because of the short time frame the soft tissue phase is available, usually one region of interest is imaged.  The bone phase can focus on one area or can image the entire body.

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